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    Open Science Fundamentals Learning Path

    A diverse group of training materials will help you get acquainted with important topics related to Open Science and its implementation. This learning path is the starting point for anyone who is interested to understand what Open Science is and how it can help researchers achieve their goals.

    How to proceed:


    1. Follow the cards that will take you on a journey of different Open Science topics in several courses provided. 
    2. Complete each card by answering the short questions.
    3. Take the quiz to complete the learning path and test your knowledge. If you pass the quiz successfully you will gain the Open Science badge.
    1. Understand open access publishing
    2. Understand the fundamentals of data management and open data
    3. Be informed about data policies legal aspects
    4. Understand the concept of citizen science
    5. Know how researchers can enhance the impact of science and research

    info To save your progress and earn your badge you need to first log in and then self-enroll.

    CC-BYAll learning content and linked materials are available under the CC-BY licence.


  • Understand what open science is and why it is something you should care about. Learn about expectations of research funders and how practising aspects of open science can benefit career progression.

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  • To innovate in a field frequently implies moving against prevailing trends and cultural inertia. Open Science is no different. No matter how convinced you are, you will come across resistance from peers and colleagues, and the best defence is strong personal conviction that what you are doing may not be perfect now, but is the right decision in the long run. This module will introduce the guiding principles of the 'open movement', the d...
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  • Take a dive into Open Access (OA) publishing in the context of Open Science. Learn about advantages of open publication, how to find an OA publisher and a suitable repository to provide OA and archive work. Secure funding for Article Processing Charges (APCs) where applicable.

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  • Licensing research outputs is an important part of practicing Open Science. 

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  • Practical steps toward making research more open. The practical implications of open research, and the benefits it can deliver for research integrity and public trust, as well as benefits you will accrue in your own work. After a short elaboration of some useful rules of thumb, we move quickly onto some more practical steps towards meeting contemporary best practice in open research, and introduce some useful discipline specific resources. 

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  • The learning content in this card will guide you through the topic of responsible research and innovation (RRI), open business models, how to plan innovation activities, use Creative Commons licenses, and the ethos of Open Science.

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  • Now lets see how much you've learnt. 

    Answer at least 60% of the questions correctly to get the Open Science badge.

    Don't forget to provide us with your feedback before you leave.

    Hope to see you soon on another learning journey!

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  • Your opinion matters!

    Please provide your feedback before you leave and let us know if you found this learning path useful and how we can further improve it.

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