How to enroll and navigate the learning path?

Before starting your learning path you should enroll it first.

How to enroll on a learning path?

enroll me in this course button  Click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right part of the window.
 The enroll me button will appear as in the image on the left.
 Click on the button.
enroll me  A new page will appear.
 Click on the enroll me button at the bottom.

How to move along the learning path?

Progress tracking
learning path card

  • Overall progress is tracked via the main learning path card next to the learning path description and objectives. 
  • Once you start learning the "Proceed" button will appear, to take you where you left off the last time you visited the learning path.
Let's start

activity remaining

  • You can start any topic by clicking on its name or on the "Let's start" link that appears in the bottom of the card
  • Per topic progress is also tracked and this is shown on each topic card.
  • After you started the topic, the bottom link tells you how many activities you have left to finish it


  • Linked training material always open in a new window, so that you can come back to the learning path once you are done with the content.
  • When you enter activities that are integral to the learning path, such as a quiz, you can use the navigation arrows (>  or <) on the top or the bottom of the screen to go to the next or previous activity
  • If you want to jump to the main learning path page then click on its name in the path that is shown on the top of the screen (the name is written right after "Learning Paths"

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