• 2. ARGO Monitoring

    ARGO monitoring

    Measuring and Monitoring the Availability and Reliability of Electronic Infrastructures

    The electronic infrastructure availability / reliability monitoring service is designed for Service Level Monitoring, for medium and large infrastructures. It monitors the status, availability and reliability of services provided by electronic infrastructures with moderate to high complexity. It supports flexible development models and modular design, allowing easy communication with external systems (such as CMDBs, Service Catalogs, etc.). 

    The service allows the creation of multiple reports using profiles (profiles are different ways and filters of organizing and displaying the services and their service components), which are defined by the client (e.g. for managing SLAs, operations, etc.). When calculating reports (using big data management technologies) the service takes into account a number of external factors, such as specific service parameters, scheduled or unscheduled downtime, etc.

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