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    Core Services Learning Path

    A group of training materials will help you get acquainted with the components that make up the NI4OS-Europe pre-production environment. This learning path is the starting point for service providers who are interested to on-board their services and understand how they will interact with the EOSC core.

    How to proceed:


    1. Follow the cards that will take you on a journey of different core components in several courses provided. 
    2. Complete each card by answering the short questions.
    3. Take the quiz to complete the learning path and test your knowledge. If you pass the quiz successfully you will gain the NI4OS Core Services badge.
    1. Get familiar with the Agora catalog
    2. Gain administrative skills for Agora catalogue
    3. Understand Monitoring and how to integrate your service with the NI4OS Monitoring. 
    4. Learn what you need to do to define a monitoring metric and create a probe to be included.
    5. Understand the protocols supported by NI4OS-Europe Login
    6. Know how to set up Virtual Organisations

    info To save your progress and earn your badge you need to first log in and then self-enroll.

    CC-BYAll learning content and linked materials are available under the CC-BY licence.


  • On-boarding of a resource (service or repository) into the EOSC includes all practical activities taken to incorporate a research resource into the EOSC federation. Οne of this activity is the on board to the EOSC Catalogue. Ni4os uses AGORA for this process. 

    AGORA is a Resource Portfolio Management Tool with the goal to present the resources and their main features in a user-friendly manner via a catalogue. EOSC Resources are any asset made avail...

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  • Measuring and Monitoring the Availability and Reliability of Electronic Infrastructures

    The electronic infrastructure availability / reliability monitoring service is designed for Service Level Monitoring, for medium and large infrastructures. It monitors the status, availability and reliability of services provided by electronic infrastructures with moderate to high complexity. It supports flexible development models and modular design, allowing easy c...

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  • This learning unit contains information about connecting services to NI4OS-Europe Login service in order to enable authenticated and authorised access to protected resources.

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  • Additional materials that will provide an in-depth insight into all components and how they work together to support service providers and users.
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  • Now lets see how much you've learnt. 

    Answer at least 60% of the questions correctly to get the Open Science badge.

    Don't forget to provide us with your feedback before you leave.

    Hope to see you soon on another learning journey!

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  • Your opinion matters!

    Please provide your feedback before you leave and let us know if you found this learning path useful and how we can further improve it.

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