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    Agora Service Catalogue

    On-boarding of a resource (service or repository) into the EOSC includes all practical activities taken to incorporate a research resource into the EOSC federation. Οne of this activity is the on board to the EOSC Catalogue. Ni4os uses AGORA for this process. 

    AGORA is a Resource Portfolio Management Tool with the goal to present the resources and their main features in a user-friendly manner via a catalogue. EOSC Resources are any asset made available by means of the EOSC system and according to the EOSC Rules of Participation to EOSC End-Users to perform a process useful to deliver value in the context of the EOSC. Similarly Organizations that manage and deliver Resources to End-Users in the EOSC area are known as EOSC Providers.  In order to facilitate the discoverability and accessibility in EOSC, the EOSC Community published the EOSC Profiles version 3.0.  EOSC Profiles is an attempt  to structure and standardise the collection of information that describe  resources and providers.  AGORA fully supports the EOSC Profiles v3.0 and is therefore fully integrated with the EOSC Portal.  

    In this learning path you will learn how to use Agora Catalogue to register resources and providers to the catalogue and to EOSC, and also get familiar with the application’s user roles.

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