• 2. On-boarding in EOSC

    EOSC Pilot logoIt is essential that the EOSC uses a set of defined terms and concepts that can ensure clarity between all parties involved. FitSM has become commonly referenced and implemented across the e-Infrastructure community, though not limited to it.

    There are two key definitions that need to be well-understood and order to apply a common framework that will allow the EOSC to function as a federation:

    1. "Service portfolio", an internal list that details all the services offered by a service provider, including those in preparation, live and discontinued
    2. "Service catalogue", a user/customer facing list of all live services offered along with relevant information about these services.

  • ITSM and Service On-boarding Requirements

  • FitSM

  • ITSM in NI4OS pre-production environment

  • Service On-boarding in NI4OS-Europe

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