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The NI4OS training platform is transitioning to NI4OS AAI

The NI4OS training platform is transitioning to NI4OS AAI

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Dear NI4OS training platform users,

The NI4OS AAI is up and running and we have transferred all training platform users to use the NI4OS AAI login method for authentication.

This means that next time you want to login to the training platform you need to:

  1. use the blue "NI4OS login" button
  2. choose your institution from the list
  • if your email for the training platform user account is associated with a social identity (ex., choose the corresponding button at the bottom of the aai login page
If this is the first time you login via NI4OS AAI, you might need to go through a service sign up process and agree to the terms of use of the NI4OS AAI service
  • Sign Up, Begin, Fill out your personal data, review terms and conditions, agree to the acceptable use policy, Submit
  • you will receive a verification email and you need to click on the link in this email
  • accept the invitation to NI4OS-Europe
  • remember the information that is to be transferred and choose yes, continue
  • if everything works you should be logged in on the training platform
In case you have a problem please send your name and email that you want to be used for the training platform to
  • if your institution does not have an AAI then you will need to choose¬†
    • if you want to continue using the old login functionality (not recommended)¬†
    • or you will use a social login (ex. FB) to use the service (in this case this is the email that you need to send to us so that we can update the user profile)

Please test your new login before the end of this week (March 8th) so that you are ready for the new upcoming training events.

With kind regards,

the NI4OS training team